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Happy 2016!!

I have been working on a few personal projects and here are some photos.

Before I had my hip replacement surgeries (almost 4 years ago!!) I told my family that if anyone needed a joint replacement, I would make them a quilt when they had their surgery.  Last year I made my Mother a quilt when she had her knee replaced. (You can read about that by Clicking Here).

Last September my Aunt Esther (my Mother’s younger sister) fell and broke her hip and had to have pins put in to hold it together. Then, a few months after that, she had her second knee replaced! (Yes, I made her a quilt for her first knee replacement. Read about that quilt by Clicking Here)

Aunt Esther is on the road to recovery and doing very well. When I heard she had broken her hip, I started piecing a quilt top for her – and got it quilted only a week or so ago!

Here is the photo of her new quilt (click on any photo for a larger view)


The fabrics are a collection of Aunt Gracie fabrics from MANY years ago that a friend had given me – which is a perfect choice for my Aunt. Then I surfed the internet looking at scrap quilts and found a photo of this pattern.

To view the original blog post, along with the details on the pattern, Click Here The original photo is about half way down the page.

I kept the corners and the centers in the same fabric and added the 4 Patch border.

Here is a closer view of the quilt


I quilted it using all over, free hand Feathers & Swirls using white cotton thread and Soft & Bright batting.

And here is the back of the quilt. The back is a light lavender print that looks vintage.


You can really see the quilting!

Remember when I wrote about the socks I knit for my Grandkids for Christmas? (Click Here)  I had one pair left to knit for my youngest (14 month old) Grand daughter, which I started on Christmas morning and then finished both socks the next day. I was still in “sock mode” and knit another pair for the daughter of a family friend.


The smaller socks are for Madeline and the larger socks are for Marley. I used the same yarn for both pairs and they turned out great!

Now I have to get back to quilting. I can’t wait to show you the photos of what I am working on now!



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Yesterday, January 1, 2016, was the Snowflake Serenade Mystery Quilting Event on the Longarm Classroom website. Now that the quilting has been revealed to the class members, I can reveal the quilting to you!

This is the quilt we started with  ( I love quilts with lots of “open” spaces!)

Click on any photo for a larger view.

Snowflake Serenade

Snowflake Serenade

During the course of the class, marked registration lines – a LOT of them – on the quilt top. When I do marking like this, on my own quilts or quilts that I can wash with warm water and detergent after quilting, I use fine point, Crayola Washable Markers.

This photo shows the completed quilt with the black, orange and green Crayola Washable Marker markings on it.

Note: The background fabric of this quilt is a white solid cotton fabric. In the photos below it looks like a light blue fabric.


Here is a close up of the quilting and the markers. I sprayed some water onto the markings to show that the marker may “melt” but it doesn’t disappear until the quilt is washed.


I know, it looks like a royal mess! But don’t worry, the marker WILL come out!

Here is the quilt, trimmed, bound and washed. What a difference!


ALL the marker is GONE!!! Here are some more photos of the completed (and washed) class project.

FYI – ALL the quilting is done FREE HAND! A ruler was used to mark the registration lines, but all the lines of the quilting are free hand. Even the snowflake quilting design is done free hand!


And here is a view of part of the back of the quilt. You can REALLY see the quilting.


The Snowflake Serenade Quilt Class is still open and you can join in the fun! For class details Click Here. 

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Happy Halloween! I hope you get lots of treats and no tricks!


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The month of August is just about over and things have been beyond wild!

The first part of the month I was in the Midwest visiting with family and then I drove to Southern Indiana to teach longarm classes. The classes were a LOT of fun and I met some wonderful quilters. One student drove all the way from Eastern Tennessee to attend my classes.

(I am in the process of working on the details for another teaching trip to the East Coast in mid October. I can’t say too much yet, the plans are not firm yet. As soon as I can, I will post the information.)

My Mother had her knee replaced in May. Of course we had to compare scars – her knee vs my hips! And, as I promised her last year, I gave her a quilt for her surgery.

Mom's Quilt

Mom’s Quilt

I had the top pieced for a while – it just needed quilting. I quilted free hand feathers and swirls in the body of the quilt. In the border I quilted half circle wreaths and the “math” came out perfectly! I didn’t plan the placement of the wreaths that way, but I am glad it worked so well.

Top Border

Top Border

Here is a closer view of the top border. I used Soft & Bright batting and Signature threads.

And best of all, my Mom LOVED it!!!

FWIW – I used the Longarm University 8 inch Feather Guide template set to quilt the border designs. For more details about this template set Click Here 

When I was in the Midwest, the weather here in Seattle was amazing! While I was gone my garden went crazy! (A huge Thank You to my neighbor Ellen who watered my garden while I was gone.)

My sunflowers are amazing! The zucchini are fabulous, the green beans -delicious.

Here are some photos. Click on any photo for a larger view


This year I planted two different kinds of sunflowers. These are my “smaller” sunflowers. (Note: The top of the arbor they are against stands least 6 feet off the ground. ) These sunflowers are darker, smaller and have many more flowers on them.


Then there is the “big” sunflower which is at least 9 feet off the ground! I am a little disappointed this year. Most of the seeds I planted of the big sunflower didn’t grow. So I have only this one big sunflower and one more that hasn’t bloomed yet. I’ll post photos of that one when it blooms.

The plants that have taken off like lightning are my “Jack-be-Little” pumpkins. When I left they were scraggly little plants. When I returned, they had nearly taken over part of the yard!

The photo below was taken yesterday and they have taken over most of the area behind the sunflowers and over my cinder block garden area.


I forgot how much these plants spread! And there are lots of little pumpkins on them!


Here is a close up of one of the pumpkins. (That is the garden hose next to it.) I would say that the pumpkin is about 6 inches in diameter and about 3 inches high. It won’t get much bigger.

These little pumpkins make great decorations and I will be giving them to the Grandkids in October.

They say it is going to rain over the weekend – I truly hope so! It is SO dry and in Eastern Washington the wild fires are awful! They REALLY do need the rain!

I hope your summer was wonderful and that you enjoy the last few days of summer.

I’ll post photos of pumpkins soon!


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In the Pacific Northwest, today is absolutely beautiful day. Sunny, warm, it’s supposed to get to 60 degrees or more today, there is no wind, and the sky is a beautiful shade of blue! Absolutely perfect weather!

I feel sorry (sort of) for my friends in the Midwest and East Coast who still have cold and snow – lots of snow – on the ground. I talked to my Mother this morning who lives in the far north Chicago suburbs, and she said is was barely above freezing with at least 12 inches of snow and ice on the ground!

It may not ofically be Spring yet, but we know it is coming! This morning we set the clocks forward an hour and tonight it will stay light out until after 7 pm. Woo hoo!!!

Over the last few weeks I sent out an email to my quilting list and asked people to finish this thought –

I know it’s Spring when…

I couldn’t believe it but 97 people responded! I took all the responses and posted them on the Longarm U website. You can view the responses by Clicking Here I had to make three web pages to get all the responses listed.

Some of the responses are funny, some are thoughtful, but ALL are wonderful. I thank everyone who took the time to respond to the question.

If you have some time and want to Think Spring, read the responses by Clicking Here There are also several Spring quilt photos posted too.

If you would like to make your own “bit of Spring” quilt, check out the Daffodils in Bloom quilt. For details on this online class Click Here 

Click on the photos below for a larger view.


This is a banner type of quilt. The class pattern also includes a Twin and King Size instructions.


Here is a close up of the quilting. You DON’T have to be “artist” to quilt the dragonfly. Hint – it’s all free hand ovals and swirls!

Now it’s time for me to go outside and work in the garden!

Happy (early) Spring to everyone! 

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As I said in my previous post, this is the 7th year of the New Year’s Day Mystery Quilting Event. I looked in the archives and found photos of all the quilts that were quilted on New Years Day.

Here is a quick look at the previous quilts. Note: all these classes are still available online and I’ll put links to the class information.

Click on any photo for a larger view.

2009 – This is the quilt that started it all! This is the Feather Plume quilt.  For class details Click Here

B 2009 FP


2010 – Not Quite Traditional Quilt. Free hand, Baptist Fan inspired quilting designs! For class details Click Here 

B 2010 NQT


2011 – Fancy Motifs. This was a fun class. I love quilting feathers and I love the texture on this quilt. For class details Click Here

B 2011 FM


2012 – Stars on the Mountains. Another fun class. This is all free hand quilting! For class details Click Here

B 2012 SOM


2013 – A Winter’s Night. This quilt is one of my favorites – I LOVE it! Optional simple embellishments make this quilt sparkle! For class details Click Here 

B 2013 AWN


2014 – Snowflake Star. Another one of my favorites. Lots of feathers and lots of texture! For class details Click Here

B 2014 SFS


If you have taken any of these classes and have photos of your class project, send them to me as an email attachment to longarmu@aol.com and I’ll post them here.

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Christmas is this week and you want me to think about New Years!!!! Yes, I know that is what you are thinking, and yes, I DO want you to think about New Year’s Day and what you will be doing.

I will be hosting the 7th Annual New Year’s Day Mystery Quilting Event and I would love to have you attend. Here is how the Mystery Quilting Event works.

Register for this class now (or in the next few days) and print out the piecing instructions for the class project. Piece the quilt – don’t worry, it’s really easy – and have it on your machine ready for quilting on January 1, 2015. On New Year’s Day, beginning about 8 am Pacific Time (probably a little earlier) the first “Part” of the video instructions for quilting the class project will be activated. Then about every two hours, another Part of the class will be activated. By the end of the day, ALL the Parts will be activated and you will see what the finished quilt looks like. Work on your quilt while watching the video and you will have YOUR quilt finished, too!

This is a FUN way to spend New Year’s Day! If you are busy New Year’s Day, don’t worry! You have 60 days unlimited access to the video instructions and you can view them anytime to complete your class project.

This year, I am doing things a little differently. The class quilt, 4 Patch Frenzy, is an original quilt I designed just for this event. I have pieced it two ways, a traditional way with only two fabric colors and a scrappy version with many, many fabrics! Below are some photos – click on any photo for a larger view.

This is the traditional, two fabric version which will be quilted in a more traditional way.  This is the wall quilt size, about 65 x 65 inches.

2015 4PF 1

Here is the Scrappy Version which will be quilted in a more modern style of quilting. This is the full size quilt top, about 74 x 101 inches.

BOTH styles of quilting will be shown in this class!

2015 4PF 2

I have a Yahoo Groups email group created for this class and I am working on setting up a FaceBook group also. Students can then “talk” to each other before, during and after the class and post photos of their quilts.

Sign up for the class (Click Here for info) and send a photo of your pieced, un-quilted quilt by December 30, 2014 and your name will be put in a drawing for a $25 Gift Certificate to Longarm University / Longarm Classroom.

This is a FUN and creative way to start 2015. 

For complete details about this class and to register Click Here 

If you have any questions, send an email to longarmclassroom@aol.com.

I hope to “see” you in class on New Year’s Day 2015!

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Happy Halloween to everyone! Have fun and be safe!


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On Saturday, my nephew, Jake is getting married to Lessa. Of course, Auntie Cindy had to make a quilt for the happy couple.

I pieced the top late last Spring. Below is a photo of it un-quilted.  This is a large scrap quilt, about 100 x 100 inches. I took the photo at my daughter’s house and there is a little bit of a breeze. My Grandson Nathan (at the right) and Granddaughter Mackenzie are holding the bottom of the quilt while I am taking the photos.

Click on any photo for a larger view.


On to the quilting! Here is a photo of the quilt on my machine.


I quilted curved feathers in the light parts of the block and wavy lines in the darker parts of the block. In the light sections I used Signature 100% cotton thread, Sand Dollar, and in the darker sections I used the same Signature thread in Fawn.

Here is the completed quilt – Enlarge the photo to see all the detail of the quilting. The texture is amazing! The quilt is so large that I couldn’t get it all in the photo.


I hope you can see some of the detail in this photo. Again, enlarge the photo to see the quilting detail.


Here is the back of the quilt. The backing fabric is actually a darker burgundy color. The sun (yes, there is sun in Seattle in October!) makes the fabric look lighter. The texture is amazing!


One more photo of the back. This is the border area so you can see the feather quilting.


The wedding is on Saturday and today is Wednesday. I have to pack this quilt up and send it to Illinois, like right NOW!! I do my best work on a deadline!

I won’t be able to be at the wedding, but I am sending all my love and  best wishes to the bride and groom!


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On October 7, I welcomed a new Granddaughter to the family. Her name is Madelynn and she is a super cutie!!! She was 7 pounds, 5 ounces and 20 inches long and she is doing well.

Here she is shortly after she was born.
Click on any photo for a larger view.



Isn’t she a cutie!! And here is her big brother, Nathan, after he got off the school bus and before I told him he has a new sister!


Nathan has been a great big brother and is super excited to have a sister.

Of course, Grandma Cindy has been busy making all sorts of things for Miss Madelynn. First, she had to have a new quilt!

B-Maddys Quilt-1

I made this quilt from my Blocks in a Box pattern and online class. (For details Click Here)

Here is the back of the quilt, before trimming and binding. I LOVE the texture of the quilting.

Maddy Quilt-2

After I finished the quilt, I got the itch to knit – baby socks! Here is the first pair that I knitted


The photo makes the socks look large, but they are only about 2 inches long from the heel to the toe! For the FREE pattern for these way to cute baby socks Click Here. These socks took only about an hour or two to knit for each sock. And, they are addictive! Because ….



I knit another pair. This yarn was left over from a pair of socks I knit for Nathan a few years ago. (I do plan to get a photo of both kids with their matching socks!) Both of the pairs of socks above were knit with wool sock yarn. And then I was at the yarn shop and saw some pretty pink striped sock yarn, and … I knit another pair!



This yarn is 100% acrylic sock yarn but it feels and looks like rayon. It is fun to work with and has a real nice “feel” to it.

And it looks great on the baby!


There is a lot more sock than there is baby, but that won’t last long!

I also knit a couple of hats – here is one that is simple garter stitch. I made a lacy one but I forgot to take a photo. I’ll try to remember to take a photo the next time I visit.


When I wasn’t knitting baby socks and hats, I was making Burp Cloths! These were way too much fun to make!


I got some terry cloth and flannel fabric at JoAnn’s,  put them on the quilt machine and quilted them together.  I used my free hand feathers and swirls pattern. (The terry cloth was on the bottom, flannel on the top, no batting.) I quilted about two yards, then cut them into this burp cloth shape. (There are a TON of free burp cloth patterns on the internet.) I bound them like a quilt – because of the curved edges, I made and used bias binding.

I now have about three yards of terry cloth/flannel on the quilting machine and will make them into receiving blankets that, because of the terry cloth,  can be used as bath towels.

I now have to get away from the baby things and get back to work!

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