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I recently had the extreme pleasure of working on two hand embroidered quilts – and they look wonderful! Of course, I had excellent embroidered blocks that were extremely well pieced – which makes my life a LOT easier!

The first quilt was “Over the River and Through the Woods” from Crabapple Hill Studios, pieced by Chris W.

Click on any photo for a larger view


The quilt is 51 x 56 inches and the pieced blocks are only 6 inches!

Here is a close up of the top of the quilt. I like to quilt “texture” into the embroidered pattern and give “details” to the embroidery. I try very┬áhard not to stitch on top of the embroidery.


And here is a close up of the bottom half of the quilt! I had WAY too much fun quilting this quilt!



The next embroidered quilt I did was a wonderful red work Sunbonnet Sue alphabet. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the pattern that Rhonda S used for her quilt. I did a quick Internet search and couldn’t find the exact pattern, but there were several patterns “out there” that were very close to this one.

Click on any photo for a larger, more detailed view.


This quilt was 53 x 73 inches and the piecing was excellent!


Here is some of the detail that I quilted in the blocks. I quilted feathers in the borders, sashings and cornerstones. I echo quilted around the embroidery, then stitched a ribbon stipple to fill the rest of the block. To me, the ribbon stipple gives texture and “movement” to the block.


The backing fabric was a red mini print and the quilting showed up surprisingly well! I think you can see the detail of the quilting (especially the border) a bit better on this photo.

On both quilts I matched the threads to the fabrics which makes the quilting (almost) disappear! Also, both quilts have Soft & Bright batting from Warm Co.

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Oh my gosh! It is September already! This summer has FLOWN by! I have been busy and I finally have some time to add to my blog.

I have been working hard all summer – I was gone for nearly a month traveling on the East Coast and the Midwest, teaching longarm quilting classes and also visiting with family. Then, when I returned home, it took me nearly four weeks to catch up with all the work and “stuff” that piled up while I was gone! Finally, I think I can breathe now, and add photos to my blog.

I just finished working on quilts pieced by Martha D, who is 91 years young! She does wonderful work and I have enjoyed quilting for her. She dropped off three quilts, which she machine embroidered.

The first quilt is embroidered Cardinals with some of the nicest Cardinal fabric I have seen in a long time.

Click on any photo for a larger view.


The quilt is 53 x 44 inches. It is wider because it was made to go across the back of a couch.


Here is a closer view of the embroidery and the quilting. I quilted Feather Plumes in the cornerstones and the “solid” red blocks.


She even pieced blocks for the back. This was way too much fun to quilt!

The next quilt Martha did was this Americana Quilt with embroidered eagles.


This quilt is 47 x 72 and is a traditional block pattern I used a combination of “Fireworks” , continuous curves, feathers in the sashings and echo quilting around the eagles.


Here is a closer look at the piecing and embroidery. The back is a busy print and you can’t see any of the quilting.

The last quilt Martha brought was this beautiful Purple Roses embroidered quit. Again, I had way too much fun quilting this quilt!


The quilt is 51 x 51 inches. I quilted my free hand feathers and swirls with silver, high sheen polyester thread in the background. I LOVE the texture – expand the photo to see the detail.


Here is a closer view. And look at the quilting behind the roses in the light blocks. I used white, high sheen poly thread for the quilting in these blocks.


A lot of the time people will just stipple behind an applique. This time, I used feathers as the background quilting! The photo is a little dark – I turned off the overhead lights and did not use a flash. The texture of the quilting shows up better this way.


Here is a photo of one more of the embroidered blocks. I love the way this looks!

I used Soft & Bright batting on all these quilts and cotton threads on the first two quilts.

I hope Martha continues quilting, because I want to continue to work with her in the future!

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