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Every New Years Day, for the last 10 years, I have hosted a New Year’s Day Mystery Quilting Event and it is SO much fun!

The class project is titled Medallion Mania and (hint, hint) the quilting is mainly feathered wreaths! Generally, no hints about the quilting are given, but this time I made an exception.

This is how this Mystery Quilting Event works – when you sign up for the class you will receive the piecing instructions. Choose the class project size you want to make – this year there is a Wall quilt, Twin size quilt and Queen size quilt – piece the quilt top and have it on your quilting machine, ready for quilting on January 1, 2018. On that day, about 8 am Pacific time (usually a little earlier) the first “Part” of the QUILTING will be activated on the website. Then, about every 1-1/2 – 2 hours throughout the day, other Parts of the class will be activated. By the end of the day you will have all the Parts to the class and (maybe) have the quilting done on your own class project!

If you are busy on New Year’s Day, don’t worry, you have 60 days of 24/7 access to the online class AND at no additional charge, a DVD of the class and all printed material will be sent to you!

Here is a photo of the Wall size quilt, 60 x 60 inches, BEFORE quilting! Click on the photos for a larger view.

And here is the Queen size quilt, 96 x 96 inches, which is the quilt I am quilting in the class video.

As you can see, the piecing is super simple. But the quilting – for that you have to attend the class on New Year’s Day!

Note – the quilt blocks are 34 inches! That is a LOT of room for quilting!!!!

If you have a small throat quilting machine or you quilt with your home sewing machine, YOU can attend this class! I am showing several different ways to quilt the feathered wreaths, including using stencils and how to quilt on a smaller throat / sit down machine.

For more details on the Medallion Mania online class Click Here 

I hope to “see” you in class on New Year’s Day!!!

PS For more information about past New Year’s Day Quilting Events Click Here 

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I have several quilt photos I want to show you all. I have been having fun working on several quilts lately and I am excited to show you all what they look like.

Quilt #1 Gwen’s Quilt

Pieced by Connie for her niece. This quilt is way too cute and extremely well pieced.


Here is a closer view of the quilting. I used cotton threads and Soft & Bright batting. I quilted feathered wreaths in the purple blocks .


I am not a huge fan of pieced backs. You have to take as much care, maybe even more so, when piecing the backs because there is the potential of pleats and puckers on the back during the quilting process. Connie pieced this back so well, there was NO problems.


Quilt #2 Woodland Diamond

This is an amazing quilt pieced by Chris W. It is traditional Radiant Star design, but with some applique. And I LOVE the choice of fabrics. Click on any of the photos for a larger, more detailed view. I used several high sheen polyester threads and Soft & Bright batting.


I had so much fun quilting this quilt! Below is a close up of a corner and you can see the quilting around the applique and the curved crosshatching I did in the corner block. Yes, this took some time, but it was well worth it!


Here is the back of the quilt. Again, click on the photo so you can see the detail.


One more view of the back. Here you can see the detail of the quilting in the corners and in the diamonds in the star.


This quilt was beautifully pieced and appliqued, which makes my job a whole lot easier!

Quilt #3 – Tree of Life

This is one of my own quilts which I created a couple of years ago. Yes, I do work on my own projects from time to time! I LOVE this quilt! It is one of the first holiday quilts I hang in my home.

The block is only 12 inches square – the half square triangles are only 1 inch finished size! This proves that you can take a single block, add a lot of borders and make it into a decent size wall quilt. The finished size of this quilt is about 48 inches square.

The photo below shows the quilt top before quilting. The border has fusible applique on it. (Fusible is the only applique that I do!)


Here is the quilt after quilting! And yes, I had a TON of fun quilting it! Click on the photo to see the details. I used several different types of thread including gold, high sheen poly and cotton threads. I also used several of my templates and a lot of free hand designs too.


Here is a close up of the tree block.


I am making another quilt with the same block – sized differently so the half square triangles aren’t quite so small – and I may have it as an online class. I’ll keep you posted when that happens.

I was also doing some online research on “Tree of Life Quilt Pattern” and my quilt wasn’t showing up.  That is because photos were not online! Now they are and they should show up in future online searches!

I hope you have enjoyed the photos. Now I have to get back to quilting!



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I just finished this cute, cute, cute, baby quilt for Pam P. This quilt is WAY too cute and a whole lot of fun to quilt!

The pattern is called Sweet English Posies, by Curby’s Closet 

Click on any photos for a larger view.


The quilt measures 41 x 46 inches and is going to be given at a baby shower this weekend!


I quilted a feathered wreath in each Log Cabin block and brought the outer edges of the wreath even with the block. A ribbon stipple fills the inside of  the wreath. The feathered wreaths are quilted with Signature, 100% cotton thread, Pastels variegated. The feathers in the sashing are quilted with white thread and the outer border feathers are quilted with Petal Pink, Signature cotton thread.


Here is the back of the quilt and you can see all the detail of the quilting.

This was a fun quilt to work on and I know that the new Mom will be excited to recieve it and the new baby will love it.

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I got an email from a quilter who asked about quilting designs for a 10 inch border on a quilt that she was making. I know that a lot of quilters dread a large border, but I LOVE working on them! All that “open” space almost makes me drool! (OK, I know –  I’m weird.)

I drew out two of my favorite big border patterns, done, of course, with feathers. Both of the diagrams below are done with my No Math, No Measure method of border placement. I would draw registration lines both horizontally and vertically to divide the border in half. I would also mark my corners and divide them in half also. At the middle point I would stitch a feathered wreath. To make my feathered wreaths I use the Feather Guides by Longarm University (for details about this product Click Here) Then I begin to “build” my border by positioning the Feather Guides (they are templates), marking the registration lines and then quilting each feathered wreath or portion of wreath. When I get close to the corners, then I will make a choice if I am going to quilt something “different/separate” (feathered wreath) in the corner or bring the border pattern into the corner. Click on the drawing for a larger view.

B- 10inch border 2

In the drawing above, I used the 10 inch Feather Guide. The feathers will fill the border area from seam to seam. If you notice, as I got close to the ends of the border, and space was getting small, I quilted a smaller feathered wreath. The feathered wreaths in the corners are also 10 inches in diameter.

If you didn’t want the border area so “full”, I would use the 8 inch Feather Guide, (which makes an 8 inch diameter feather wreath) and have about 1 inch on each edge of the feather border design. Any “non-feather” area I would fill with echo quilting, Ribbon Stipple, or a combination of these patterns. (For a free, online video class on how to do Ribbon Stipple Click Here)

Below is another variation. Again, I would start in the middle of the border with a feathered wreath, then “build” the swirled feathers from the middle to the corners. Of course, your border would have more or less of the swirled feathers for the length of your border. (There is a way to quilt the swirled feathers a lot more efficiently than what is drawn. The efficient way to quilt this border is in the instruction manual for the Feather Guides.) Click on the drawing for a larger view.

B - 10 inch border 3

When working a border like these, I would “turn” the quilt and stitch the side borders separately. It is VERY hard, if not impossible, to work this kind of border in “chunks” as you work down the body of the quilt.

The Feather Guide Template system from Longarm University has complete, step by step, photo illustrated instructions on how to create these two borders. There is also an online video class that uses these Feather Guides to make wonderful feathered wreaths and the swirled feather design – starting at the corners and working to the middle – in the borders. For details on this online class Click Here 

Several years ago I made a quilted Roman Shade for the doorway between my dining room and kitchen. I used the first feather design (above) in the middle of the Roman Shade and a variation of the second design along side the middle feather design. Click on the photo for a larger view.

B-10 inch border

I hope you can see the detail of the feathers. I wanted “texture” on this shade – I had no idea I would be photographing it when I made it.

If you don’t do feathers or work with templates, you can quilt a larger, all over, free hand design in this area. Or, you could divide the border in half lengthwise (2 – 5 inch sections) and quilt two rows of a pantograph or other type of design.   Many times, quilting two rows of any design will give a lot of texture to the area and many times make the design look totally different.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas or patterns for a large border, please let us know by leaving a comment. We would love to hear what you would do.

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