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I love the Fall, but I hate to see the garden at this time of the year! The plants are (mostly) dead and they are looking scraggly. There has been no “official” frost yet, but there has been some very cool nights – and the garden is showing it.

I planted the Jack-Be-Little pumpkins late in the Spring and in August they looked like this

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Today, they look like this


All the foliage has literally disappeared with the cool nights. All that’s left are the pumpkins and the vines!

So I got busy and cut the pumpkins from the vines and here is what I have. Pumpkins-3-LG

Two BIG bowls full of little pumpkins! I want to give some to the Grandkids and use some for decorating.

I have one last, late blooming sunflower that I am pretty sure was a volunteer. (I don’t remember planting it!) It sure does look pretty!


Here is one more before and after –

My other sunflowers in August


The same sunflowers now.


The birds are sure enjoying eating the seeds! I will keep the sunflowers up for the birds most of the winter.

All good things must come to an end – and I sure did enjoy my garden this year!

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