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I have been working on a lot of things lately, but my most recent project is my new Daffodils in Bloom quilt! This quilt is soooo cute. If you are feeling like Spring will NEVER arrive, you can create your own Spring with pieced Daffodils hanging on your wall or on your bed!

Click on any photo for a larger view


This is the single blossom wall quilt, which is about 23 x 28 inches. The piecing is easy and the quilting, all free hand, is also easy. This would make a quick project for a spring gift.

And yes, I have an online class for this pattern. For complete details about this class  Click Here 

You can view this class online, purchase a DVD or purchase the piecing pattern only. For all the class details and pricing information Click Here 

Here is a 4 Daffodil Banner or Table Runner, finished size about 29 x 59 inches.

Daf 1

I know that some of you may be looking at the piecing and saying “I hate making those long triangles.” You don’t have to say that anymore! I have found a quick and easy way to make these long triangles by folding and pressing them. There is NO special cutting equipment needed.

Here is a video on how this fold and press technique works



And here is one more photo. This is a 15 Daffodil Quilt, about twin size-ish at 68 x72 inches. This quilt has not been quilted yet, but it will be soon – and of course I’ll post photos!

Daffodils 3

Bring Spring into your “space” with a (relatively) easy quilt!

Think Spring!!! Think DAFFODILS!!!

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A few days ago I finally finished a quilt that I am donating to a cat charity called MEOW Cat Rescue here in the Seattle area.

To read my earlier blog post about this quilt Click Here

I quilted the quilt using a pattern called Around Corners. I like the effect of the circles and the loops – to me, it looks like balls of yarn that my cats have been playing with!

Click on any photo for a larger view


I used Soft & Bright batting and a varigated gray thread. Then there was the issue of the binding!

I looked in my considerable stash, but couldn’t find a fabric that was “right” for the binding. I was in Southern California teaching quilting classes and my host took me to a quilt shop. There I found the absolutely RIGHT fabric for the binding which is below.


This fabric is perfect – or should I say purr-fect! So when I got home from California, I put the binding on the quilt.


The quilt is hanging sideways, it’s too long to fit on my backyard clothes line. You can barely see the binding in the photo, but it is just purrfect for the quilt!


Here is the back of the quilt. I love the texture and movement of the pattern!

I know that the MEOW Cat Rescue people will put this quilt to good use – hopefully as a fund raiser for the great work they do.

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I have been busy, busy, busy the last few weeks, working hard at the quilting machine!

There are two new customer quilts that I finished and want to show to everyone. The piecing was great on both quilts and I had a ton of fun quilting them.

There are many quilting “things” that I do. One of them is being a contributor to the “Fresh Ideas” column in the On Track magazine. OnTrack magazine is produced by the International Machine Quilting Association (IMQA). In this column, a drawing of a pieced quilt top is sent to me and two other contributors, who then “quilt” it as if it were our own, or a customer’s quilt. In the last issue, the quilt top pattern that was sent was a Log Cabin quilt. One of the quilting options I submitted was the design below.


I know that his may look like a very un-assuming design, but, when it is quilted it is spectacular!

Then, a few weeks later Shari R, brought a beautiful, King Size, 106 x 106 inch Log Cabin quilt to be quilted. I KNEW exactly what to quilt on it! The same design as above! And here are the results – Click on any photo for a larger view.

This is four Log Cabin blocks with the light part of the cabin in the middle. I used Signature 100% cotton, Camel in the light areas and Walnut in the dark areas. The batting is Soft & Bright by Warm Company.

This is an (almost) full view of the quilt. There are 9 “medallions”, made from four Log Cabin blocks. The quilt is too big for my clothsline, so I folded 1/3 of the quilt to the back. I love the fabric that were used in this quilt!

Here is a photo of the medallion and the border and corner. The border was made using the Longarm University, Triple Cable Template set and the corner was made using the Longarm U, 6 inch Circle Feather Guide.  I LOVE the way the cable and feather border, and so did my customer!

A few weeks later, Cynthia H. brought a quilt that was made using a Fat Quarter collection. (I don’t know if there is a specific name to this quilt.)  I quilted Free Hand Feathers & Swirls as an all over, edge to edge pattern. I love the texture that this quilting design makes. Click on any photo for a larger view.

This quilt measures 58 x 70 inches. This photo is not the best. I took the photo early in the morning and there is too much sunshine. (Is it possible that there is TOO much sunshine in Seattle!)

Here is a close up of the piecing and quilting on this quilt. I used Signature 100% cotton thread, Praline Pink and the batting is Warm & Natural.

Here is a closer look at the quilting. I love the texture and the swirls give a lot of “movement” to the quilting.

I had a lot of fun quilting both of these quilts and both of my customers LOVED the finished quilts! And through all of this, there was a lot of sunshine in Seattle!!

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This quilt was SO much fun to quilt!! It was perfectly pieced and it screamed “FEATHERS”  to me the first time I saw it! This quilt was pieced and quilted for the Wild Rose Quilt Shop in Orting, WA. The Wild Rose is a fabulous quilt shop and it is worth visiting if you are ever in the Seattle/Tacoma area.  Please visit the Wild Rose website at www.thewildrosequiltshop.com

Last year, the Wild Rose was one of the quilt shops highlighted in the Quilt Sampler magazine. The original of this quilt was made to commemorate this event. This quilt was made (with a few changes from the original) and kits of it will be for sale soon.

Click on the photos for a larger view.

The quilt is large, about 93 x 93 inches. I like to hang the quilts on my clothsline and take photos, but the weather has been so wet and nasty lately. The bottom of the quilt would have had to drag on the ground and I didn’t want to get this fabulous quilt dirty. So, when I delivered it to the quilt shop, some of the ladies there held the quilt so that I could take photos.

You can’t see it, but in the red, diagonal “bars” I quilted a double cable design.

I loved the open spaces on this quilt and I quilted my “Traveling Feathers” free hand design in the corners. I love the texture that this pattern makes! The border is quilted with a simple “straight” edge feather.

The large, blue, half square triangles were free hand quilted with a split feather design and the light triangles were quilted with ribbon stipple.

It may be hard to see, but in the large square above the star, I quilted more split feathers. Also, in the light-colored small squares, there are small feather plumes. The blue squares are quilted with Continuous Curves.

Here is a larger view of the middle of the quilt. There is a LOT of quilting in this quilt, but I enjoyed every minute of the quilting and it looks great!

The quilt is to be hung in the Wild Rose Quilt Shop and when it is bound and hanging, I’ll take more photos!

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I just finished quilting this piece for my customer, Shirley S. This is an original design made with fusible applique and Shirley did a great job on the piecing.  It is 56 x 36 inches and will be hanging on the wall in my customer’s home.

Double click on all photos for a larger view.

This is a wonderful quilt and I enjoyed quilting it! There is a flange of the background fabric between the binding and the border.

Here is a close up of the quilting and the quilt. I did landscape stippling in the background with copper, high sheen polyester thread. The horses are quilted very simply, adding some detail to the horses. I matched the color of the thread to the color of the horses. The cactuses are quilted with green variegated thread.

Here is a photo of the back of the quilt. You can see the original design I quilted in the border. The backing fabric is a grey-black solid fabric.

Another view of the back of the quilt. You may be able to see the quilting on the horses.

This was fun quilt to work on and I loved quilting it!

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The last customer quilt for Christmas is finished! Chris W brought this quilt a few weeks ago and I LOVE it! I love the colors and the pattern and piecing is wonderful! I got the feel of the Southwest when I looked at it and was thinking of quilting Southwest images on it. But when I looked for Southwest designs, they were either to cartoon-y” or had a ton of detail which would have been difficult to quilt. I was also afraid that too much detail would overwhelm the piecing.

I liked the contrast between the light background and the darker inside. So I went with simple quilting in both, letting the piecing and the colors stand out. The background is quilted with a high sheen poly thread that is a yellowish beige and almost disappears in the fabric – which is what I wanted – and you see only texture. The quilting is the darker middle of the quilt is free hand swirls, a totally different design than the background – again, what I was aiming for. The swirls are quilted with copper high sheen polyester thread and you see them more on the lighter fabrics than the darker fabrics.

Here are the photos of this wonderful quilt. Click on the photos for a larger view.

I LOVE the colors in this quilt!

A closer look at the quilting. I love the contrast of both the colors of the fabrics and the quilting “lines”.

A close up of the free hand swirls. You can see them really well on the lighter fabrics, but the disappear in the darker fabric. I did some Continuous Curves in the small Flying Geese triangles.

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A friend of mine brought this quilt to be quilted. She is a pattern designer and this is her original pattern called “Shoji Screen.” This is a great pattern and I have pieced it for myself a few months ago. She wanted to show how nice this pattern looks with large-scale prints – the prints you LOVE, but don’t know quite what to do with!

Details of the quilting – Warm & White batting and four colors of Signature thread. I put feathers in the green and yellow frames with Sand Dunes, variegated thread. Then I stitched in the swirls with brown thread, following what is printed on the fabric. Next came a medium grey thread where I outlined the leaves and birds and other details in the fabric. Last, white thread to fill in the background with a combination of echo quilting and (very) loose McTavishing.

Here are the photos and click on the photo for a larger view.

The quilt measures 57 x 78 inches. The overall look is as if you were looking through a Shoji Screen or window.

I hope you can see the quilting, especially the white background quilting. This is where there is a lot of quilting, but you don’t really see it becasue most of the stitching is on the fabric with a matching thread.

As soon as I put the quilt on the clothesline to take photos, the rain started and there were even ice pellets! I took the quilt inside for a real close up photo. Again, I hope you cn see the stitching.

I will be showing the quilt to my friend tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what she says!

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