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Every New Years Day, for the last 10 years, I have hosted a New Year’s Day Mystery Quilting Event and it is SO much fun!

The class project is titled Medallion Mania and (hint, hint) the quilting is mainly feathered wreaths! Generally, no hints about the quilting are given, but this time I made an exception.

This is how this Mystery Quilting Event works – when you sign up for the class you will receive the piecing instructions. Choose the class project size you want to make – this year there is a Wall quilt, Twin size quilt and Queen size quilt – piece the quilt top and have it on your quilting machine, ready for quilting on January 1, 2018. On that day, about 8 am Pacific time (usually a little earlier) the first “Part” of the QUILTING will be activated on the website. Then, about every 1-1/2 – 2 hours throughout the day, other Parts of the class will be activated. By the end of the day you will have all the Parts to the class and (maybe) have the quilting done on your own class project!

If you are busy on New Year’s Day, don’t worry, you have 60 days of 24/7 access to the online class AND at no additional charge, a DVD of the class and all printed material will be sent to you!

Here is a photo of the Wall size quilt, 60 x 60 inches, BEFORE quilting! Click on the photos for a larger view.

And here is the Queen size quilt, 96 x 96 inches, which is the quilt I am quilting in the class video.

As you can see, the piecing is super simple. But the quilting – for that you have to attend the class on New Year’s Day!

Note – the quilt blocks are 34 inches! That is a LOT of room for quilting!!!!

If you have a small throat quilting machine or you quilt with your home sewing machine, YOU can attend this class! I am showing several different ways to quilt the feathered wreaths, including using stencils and how to quilt on a smaller throat / sit down machine.

For more details on the Medallion Mania online class Click Here 

I hope to “see” you in class on New Year’s Day!!!

PS For more information about past New Year’s Day Quilting Events Click Here 

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Yesterday, January 1, 2016, was the Snowflake Serenade Mystery Quilting Event on the Longarm Classroom website. Now that the quilting has been revealed to the class members, I can reveal the quilting to you!

This is the quilt we started with  ( I love quilts with lots of “open” spaces!)

Click on any photo for a larger view.

Snowflake Serenade

Snowflake Serenade

During the course of the class, marked registration lines – a LOT of them – on the quilt top. When I do marking like this, on my own quilts or quilts that I can wash with warm water and detergent after quilting, I use fine point, Crayola Washable Markers.

This photo shows the completed quilt with the black, orange and green Crayola Washable Marker markings on it.

Note: The background fabric of this quilt is a white solid cotton fabric. In the photos below it looks like a light blue fabric.


Here is a close up of the quilting and the markers. I sprayed some water onto the markings to show that the marker may “melt” but it doesn’t disappear until the quilt is washed.


I know, it looks like a royal mess! But don’t worry, the marker WILL come out!

Here is the quilt, trimmed, bound and washed. What a difference!


ALL the marker is GONE!!! Here are some more photos of the completed (and washed) class project.

FYI – ALL the quilting is done FREE HAND! A ruler was used to mark the registration lines, but all the lines of the quilting are free hand. Even the snowflake quilting design is done free hand!


And here is a view of part of the back of the quilt. You can REALLY see the quilting.


The Snowflake Serenade Quilt Class is still open and you can join in the fun! For class details Click Here. 

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For the last few years, on New Year’s Day, I have hosted an online Mystery Quilting Event, and the quilt for 2016 is Snowflake Serenade. I designed this quilt to match the FREE HAND quilting that will be done on this quilt. The class is open to ALL machine quilters with ANY kind of machine.

I actually created the quilting design first, then built a quilt around it!  For details on the Mystery Quilt Class Click Here 

Snowflake Serenade

Snowflake Serenade Quilt, Lap Size

The photo above shows the Lap Size quilt – there are 2 table runners, a Twin Size, and a Queen and King Size quilt included in the piecing instructions.

Snowflake Serenade Table Runner

Snowflake Serenade Table Runner

Here is how this Mystery Quilt works. When you register for the class you will get a copy of the piecing instructions – and there is a video on how I pieced this block together. Piece your quilt top, you choose which size, and have it on your quilting machine, ready for quilting on January 1, 2016.

About 8 am Pacific Time (maybe a little earlier) the first “Part” of the quilting instructions will be posted online.( You will be notified via email when the Parts are online.) Throughout the day, about every 2 hours, another Part of the class will be posted. You can follow along with the class instructions and work on your quilt. By the end of the day, ALL the Parts of the class will be posted and you will see the completed quilt!

There is also a YahooGroups created for this class – and maybe a FaceBook group too – so that you can “talk” with other students and view photos of their progress.

This is a FUN way to start the New Year!

To Register for this class Click Here 

I hope to “see” you in class on January 1st!

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Christmas is this week and you want me to think about New Years!!!! Yes, I know that is what you are thinking, and yes, I DO want you to think about New Year’s Day and what you will be doing.

I will be hosting the 7th Annual New Year’s Day Mystery Quilting Event and I would love to have you attend. Here is how the Mystery Quilting Event works.

Register for this class now (or in the next few days) and print out the piecing instructions for the class project. Piece the quilt – don’t worry, it’s really easy – and have it on your machine ready for quilting on January 1, 2015. On New Year’s Day, beginning about 8 am Pacific Time (probably a little earlier) the first “Part” of the video instructions for quilting the class project will be activated. Then about every two hours, another Part of the class will be activated. By the end of the day, ALL the Parts will be activated and you will see what the finished quilt looks like. Work on your quilt while watching the video and you will have YOUR quilt finished, too!

This is a FUN way to spend New Year’s Day! If you are busy New Year’s Day, don’t worry! You have 60 days unlimited access to the video instructions and you can view them anytime to complete your class project.

This year, I am doing things a little differently. The class quilt, 4 Patch Frenzy, is an original quilt I designed just for this event. I have pieced it two ways, a traditional way with only two fabric colors and a scrappy version with many, many fabrics! Below are some photos – click on any photo for a larger view.

This is the traditional, two fabric version which will be quilted in a more traditional way.  This is the wall quilt size, about 65 x 65 inches.

2015 4PF 1

Here is the Scrappy Version which will be quilted in a more modern style of quilting. This is the full size quilt top, about 74 x 101 inches.

BOTH styles of quilting will be shown in this class!

2015 4PF 2

I have a Yahoo Groups email group created for this class and I am working on setting up a FaceBook group also. Students can then “talk” to each other before, during and after the class and post photos of their quilts.

Sign up for the class (Click Here for info) and send a photo of your pieced, un-quilted quilt by December 30, 2014 and your name will be put in a drawing for a $25 Gift Certificate to Longarm University / Longarm Classroom.

This is a FUN and creative way to start 2015. 

For complete details about this class and to register Click Here 

If you have any questions, send an email to longarmclassroom@aol.com.

I hope to “see” you in class on New Year’s Day 2015!

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