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When I got finished photographing the Serenity quilt (see previous post) I thought I would take some photos of my garden. This spring was unusually wet, cold and dreary for Seattle. The summer wasn’t much better, but late Summer has been wonderful. Yesterday, when I took these photos was warm and sunny. Unfortunately, today “real” Fall begins. It’s much cooler, rain is expected and things are going to be back to “Seattle Normal.” 

Because the late summer weather was so good, my garden has gotten a little bit better, but …… there has been better years for gardens in the Pacific Northwest! So if my plants look a little sparse, I’ll blame it on the weather!

Here is a photo of the flowers on my back deck. I have the planters that go over the top of the deck railing and I really do like them. These are Wave petunias.


I have a window box planter under my dining room window. Again, Wave petunias, but I had a volunteer Sunflower grow in the window box! It bloomed a few days ago and I LOVE it! The head of the sunflower is actually higher than my gutter!

I love Sunflowers and I have them planted in my little garden outside of my dining room window. I do a lot of computer work from my laptop which is at the dining room table and I can look out the window (which is on my right) and see them! I leave the Sunflowers in the ground all winter and the local birds will feed on them. It’s amazing to see a bird (sometimes on the larger side) sit on the plants and eat, and the plants don’t bend or break! The Arbor I have them planted around is over 6 feet tall.

Here is a close up of one of the Sunflowers.

I have several large pots planted near my back deck. This one has basil, parsley and another Sunflower. I can’t remember if I planted the sunflower seeds or if this one is a volunteer! That was way back in the Spring. Anyway, this Sunflower is really small, but it has THREE flowers on the one stalk!

Here is a close up of the small Sunflowers. They sure are pretty! I’ll leave them in the pot all winter and see if the birds feed off of them.

One more photo! This is my Cinder Block Potato Patch. It looks pretty ragged right now, but in a few more weeks I’ll pull out all the potatoes from it. I have purple potatoes planted and a few Yukon Golds. You never know what is going to come out of the ground when you pull up the potatoes. When I get them harvested I’ll post photos. It will be interesting to see how many pound of potatoes grew this summer!

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