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It is crunch time for Christmas gifts! If you are in a panic on what to give a friend or family member, think about a Table Runner. They are quick to piece, easy to quilt, they look great and people will think you are amazing!

(If my Sister and Sister-in-Law are reading, go no further!)

For a FREE Table Runner Pattern click on the highlighted text.


This table runner will take about an hour to piece and measures about 23 x 62 inches. Then allow about two more hours to finish with the quilting and binding.

To quilt this table runner, put it on your quilting machine lengthwise and quilt away! You could put a pantograph pattern on it or do some simple free hand quilting. Even an all over stipple would look good.

For a FREE video mini class on how to quilt the Ribbon Stipple pattern Click Here 

I chose to put free hand feathers on my table runners. It literally took longer to put the table runner on the machine than it did to quilt it.

Click on any photo for a larger view.



This table runner I am giving to my sister, Sharon. It has Warm & White batting and it is quilted with free hand  “straight edge” feathers with gold, high sheen polyester thread.

Here is a photo of the back


The backing fabric is a deep red, almost burgundy, which doesn’t show up well in the photo. I hope you can see the stitching.


This is the table runner I am giving to my sister-in-law. I has the Warm & White batting, gold high sheen polyester thread and is quilted with all over free hand feathers and swirls.


The back is the same deep red / burgundy fabric and you may be able to see the texture a bit better in this photo.

These table runners are made with Christmas fabrics, but imagine them with summer or fall themed fabric! Too cute!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day! I have posted a new online class, Feathered Heart Table Runners, and it is a FREE class!

These table runners are super quick and easy to piece and the quilting is what adds the pattern and texture. Using contrasting threads just adds to the beauty of the finished project.  The instructions include two versions – one version using templates to make the feathered heart and the other version uses a stencil to make the heart. Both versions are BEAUTIFUL!!

Click on any photo for a larger view

Here is a photo of the Template Version of the Feathered Heart Table Runner. The heart is made using the Longarm U Heart Feather Guides.


And here is the back of the table runner –


Here is the Stencil Version of the table runner. I used the Longarm U Heart Feather Stencil  for the quilting design.


And here is the back –


In the stencil version, I include instructions on how to quilt the table runner if you have a small (9 inch) work space on your machine. You can also quilt the stencil version on your home sewing machine!

Both versions are relatively easy to quilt and they have a ton of texture.

To view the details about this FREE online class Click Here

If you make a Feathered Heart Table Runner, please send photos and I’ll post them on my blog.

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