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I know things are getting hectic and Christmas is coming up FAST, but I thought I would take a few minutes and post a few photos of my recent charity quilts and things.

I’m a little late for Thanksgiving, but, I do want to say that in the last few years I have recognized and acknowledged that I am truly blessed. My life isn’t perfect but it is good and getting better. So in the spirit of “giving back” I have made a few quilts – and other things – that I have recently donated to charity. I know that the charities will use these quilts as they see fit, but I do hope that, if possible, they use the quilts to raise funds for their cause.

The two quilts I am showing I donated to the MultiCare Financial Aid department. When I had my hip replacement surgeries last year, the Financial Aid Department worked with me so that I could receive the (literally life changing) surgeries I needed.

The first quilt I pieced using a variation of the Disappearing 4 Patch design. (Click on any photo for a larger view)


The fabrics were a pansy print, yellow marble and light lavender marbled fabrics. In the photo, the light lavender looks blue.

I used the pantograph, Woodcut Camelia, by Kim Darwin. Here is a close up of the fabrics and the quilting on the front.


I used Pastels varigated thread from Signature and Soft & Bright batting. Here is the quilting from the back of the quilt.


I LOVE the texture of this pattern on this quilt!

The other quilt I donated is a kids quilt made from 9 Patches. This quilt has been done for a while – I was working with some new template patterns – and it was just sitting around here. I looked at it one day and thought that it would make some child – probably a boy – very happy.  So it was donated also.


I used several of my circle templates to quilt it and again used Soft & Bright batting. Here is a close up of the front of the quilt.


I hope you can see the texture of the quilting.  Here is the back of the quilt.


In addition to being a quilter, I am also a knitter. I was looking on a knitting blog and saw a plea for knitted (or crocheted) scarfs for the Red Scarf Project. This project donates scarfs and other items to Foster Kids who are now in college or in higher education. As a Grandmother of five children, hopefully soon six children, who were adopted from Foster Care, how could I NOT help out.

So I raided my stash of yarn (yes, I have a yarn stash, although the fabric stash is MUCH larger!) and found some red, and shades of red, yarn and began knitting.


Here are four scarfs I knit during November. They are simple patterns but they worked well in the scarfs. The yarn in the red and white striped scarf was dyed that way and the stripes were somewhat random sized. All the scarfs are acrylic yarn and will wear VERY well.

If I have some time later on, I’ll post the knitting directions for the bias striped scarfs. They are fun to make, and if you use a varigated or striped yard, it is fun to see the pattern develop.

Now, on to Christmas quilts and other Christmas projects!

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