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I finished quilting this quilt for my customer, Chris W. She did an excellent job of piecing and her quilt top was spectacular! The piecing pattern is Sidelights by Kari Nichols and it can be seen at http://www.classiccottons.com/t-designer-mountainpeek-creations.aspx

Click on the photos for larger view

I love the Asian fabrics used in this quilt and the piecing was excellent.

A close up of the upper right corner of the quilt. I used gold, high sheen polyester thread for most of the quilting. I used the Longarm University Sashiko Circles to create the continuous circles in the inner border and the Sashiko Stars template around the side blocks.

Detail of the upper left corner. I used beige, high sheen poly (HSP)  thread to quilt detail in the cranes and black HSP to quilt the black background.

Detail of the lower left of the quilt. I hope you can see it, I quilted Ying-Yangs in the large outer border using gold HSP thread. It does get lost a bit on the fabric but it does give a lot of texture. You can see the quilting in the inner borders really well.

Lower right of the quilt showing all the detail.

Detail of the back of the quilt. I hope you can see some of the detail. The fabric is dark and printed but it is fabulous for this quilt! I think you can see the Ying-Yang in the outer border.

This quilt was a lot of work to quilt, but a lot of fun and well worth the effort!

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