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I finished this quilt a few days ago and had to wait for the rain to let up before I could get some photos.

This quilt is beautiful!!! It was a Block of the Month by Sylvia Pippen called Hawiian Orchids. The background fabric is solid black, but it photographed a lot lighter than it actually is.

Click on any photo for a larger view. The photos really don’t do the quilt justice!


Here is a closer view to show the piecing and quilting. Because the piecing and embroidery was so striking, I kept the background quilting simple with horizontal and vertical lines quilted in black, high sheen poly thread. The lines are done free hand.


The photo below shows the border detail – Sashiko Ying Yang design, and also some of the Sashiko I did in the printed panels.


Here is the back of the quilt. Again, the backing fabric is a dark, dark black, but it photographed as gray! Now you can REALLY see the quilting and the Sashiko!


As I was working on this quilt, I kept feeling a “dragging” on my quilting machine and I couldn’t figure out what it was. It took a while but I found out that the when I put the green thread on the machine to do the Sashiko quilting, the black thread got wound around my front wheels. It was so thick that the wound up thread was affecting my quilting!

I had to take the machine head off of the carriage and flip the carriage over to get to the wheels. This is what I saw –


Then I began to cut at the thread, pull at it and get it out of there! Then I had one more wheel to clean out. Finally, I got the thread cleaned out of the wheels.


Here is a cleaned out wheel with a pile of shredded thread underneath it! Yeck!!

But now that the machine is back together, it is running MUCH better and NO dragging! Now, on to the next quilt!!

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I am working on an AMAZING Asian Sampler quilt! I am doing a “turned border” technique – so I can quilt the side borders using Sashiko templates. To do this technique,  I have to take the quilt off of the machine and “turn” it. Before I put the quilt back on the machine, I took some photos of the quilt, and here they are.

For a free video on how to Turn a Quilt Click Here

Here is a photo of the quilt before quilting.  Click on any photo for a larger view.

Asian Cranes

These blocks are shown in no particular order. Here is the first block


I am using mostly gold, high sheen polyester (hsp)  thread for the quilting. It looks luscious!


The red fabric is the outer border and the black is the inner border. I am using the Sashiko Circles template to make the Ying Yang design in the border with the gold hsp thread. There are some chalk marks on the fabric so I can keep the pattern straight. They will be removed when the quilt is finished.


Above is another block –


This is the back of the quilt showing the block quilting and the Ying Yang borders. The backing fabric is a wonderful solid dark black sateen fabric. In these photos the black fabric looks “washed out” and gray.



Who knew a Log Cabin was Asian? I hope you can see the overlapping circles I quilted on the block. If not –


Here is a view from the back! The Ying Yang’s in the sashing measure 2 inches in diameter!


This is the lower part of the center panel. I am “quilting the fabric”and adding some stitching “detail” on the printing of the fabric.


Here is a closer view of the fabric and the quilting. Expand the photo and you can see the stitching lines.

I still have quilting to do on this project, but I am so excited on how it is turning out that I wanted to show everyone!







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I just finished this quilt, and it was FUN, FUN, FUN to quilt!

The quilt, make by Karen Z, is a fabulous Row Sampler. It was a “Round Robin” type of quilt, made by Karen and others in her quilt group. The piecing is fabulous and I had FUN quilting it! Yes, I repeated myself because I had FUN! (I know, I’m crazy!)

Click on any photo for a larger view

The quilt is 56 x 65 inches


I used several different threads including gold, high sheen polyester thread in the border. The border has a Ying Yang design, and you really can’t see it from the front. The Inner Border has the Sashiko Diamond pattern in it.

To create the Sashiko designs I used the Longarm U Sashiko Circles Template (For details Click Here) and the Sashiko Stars Template (For details Click Here)

Here is some of the detail of the quilting in the body of the quilt


Below is the center panel of the quilt. I did Sashiko, overlapping circles in the background behind the fans and then quilted on the (printed) fabric design to give texture to the bird and flowers. Please enlarge the photo to see the quilting.


Below is the bottom part of the quilt.


Now for the photos of the back of the quilt! Karen used a muslin type of fabric for the back and the quilting shows up really well!! You can really see the Ying Yang border.


A close up of the Ying Yang border, the diamond border and the body of the quilt.


One more photo of the lower quilt and border.


I know I sound like a broken record, but I REALLY had fun working on this wonderful quilt! Thank you Karen!!

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