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The last few weeks here in the Seattle area we have had fabulous weather. Warm to hot – and dry. Not great for the grass or for fireworks (the fire danger is extreme at this time) but my garden is BURSTING!!!

Artichoke Plants

Artichoke Plants

Here are my artichokes. I took all these photos a few days ago, and because of the heat, everything is growing by leaps and bounds! I have three artichokes – which I will be picking and eating tomorrow – and there are a few “babies” there too!


Basil in Earth Boxes

I have four Earth Box planters (they are the BEST!), two of which have my basil plants. The basil is going bananas! There will be more about the basil later in this post.

FWIW – I have had these Earth Box planters for many, many years and they are still going strong. I couldn’t find the “official” mulch covers this spring, so I improvised with some clear plastic bags and binder clips. The plastic bags are working very well.


More Earth Boxes with green peppers in the front and tomatoes in the back. I wasn’t going to plant tomatoes this year, but I got two scrawny starts from one of my students – and look what happened! I already have blossoms, but I haven’t seen any fruit yet. These are supposed to be green cherry tomatoes. I have never seen or tasted them before, so this is a tomato adventure!



Next are potatoes in the cinder block garden. I keep digging up potatoes in the fall and they keep coming back in the spring. Note the brown grass in the background! It may be dry but it always seems that the weeds find enough water to grow! I’ll be weeding soon.



I planted some french style string beans and here are the small plants. I’m trying mulching with straw this year. So far, so good. I also found that by putting the mulch down, my cats don’t like digging in the garden to do their business. I also put some fencing on top of the mulch to make sure the cats don’t go in the garden.



And here are the sunflowers. The bigger plants are the Giant sunflowers and there are some smaller sunflowers in there also. Again, these photos were taken a few days ago and the sunflowers are now significantly taller! They are planted under an arbor and when they grow I will use the arbor to support them. Hopefully the arbor won’t fall over like it did last year. (For a blog post about that Click Here)

And finally – zucchini!



I planted two zucchinis in a planter (a plastic whiskey barrel from Costco) and it is going crazy! I already have blossoms and fruit growing! Not too much longer until I’m making zucchini bread.


Back to the basil! The basil is getting so big and it looks so luscious that I went out and picked a bunch, rinsed it, spun it dry, put it in the food processor with some garlic, pepper, Parmesan cheese……


from basil to …..

and presto – PESTO! The first batch of the summer!



OMG! Talk about GOOOOODDDD! I made some pasta and put the fresh pesto on it and it was heavenly! Sorry, no photo, I was hungry and couldn’t wait to dig into it!

If you have never made pesto, it so easy and so good. Click Here for a link to a blog post I wrote a couple of years ago with my Pesto recipe.

Enjoy the warm weather and enjoy the fruits of the garden. I know that I am!!


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