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A friend of mine brought this quilt to be quilted. She is a pattern designer and this is her original pattern called “Shoji Screen.” This is a great pattern and I have pieced it for myself a few months ago. She wanted to show how nice this pattern looks with large-scale prints – the prints you LOVE, but don’t know quite what to do with!

Details of the quilting – Warm & White batting and four colors of Signature thread. I put feathers in the green and yellow frames with Sand Dunes, variegated thread. Then I stitched in the swirls with brown thread, following what is printed on the fabric. Next came a medium grey thread where I outlined the leaves and birds and other details in the fabric. Last, white thread to fill in the background with a combination of echo quilting and (very) loose McTavishing.

Here are the photos and click on the photo for a larger view.

The quilt measures 57 x 78 inches. The overall look is as if you were looking through a Shoji Screen or window.

I hope you can see the quilting, especially the white background quilting. This is where there is a lot of quilting, but you don’t really see it becasue most of the stitching is on the fabric with a matching thread.

As soon as I put the quilt on the clothesline to take photos, the rain started and there were even ice pellets! I took the quilt inside for a real close up photo. Again, I hope you cn see the stitching.

I will be showing the quilt to my friend tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what she says!

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