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My cock pot pizza has been cooking for the last 2-1/2 hours and it smells WONDERFUL!!! I was outside checking the garden and I could smell it outside!

Here is what the pizza looked like when I took the cover and the towel off.


The cheese got a little brown and crispy around the edges, but I like it that way!

I took the pot out of the base and let it sit on the counter for about 15 minutes with the lid and towel off.

Taking the pizza out of the crock pot was a little bit of a problem, but I cut it in half then lifted each half out onto a cutting board.


The pizza looks a little nasty, but is smells wonderful and it tastes great!!! It is a little doughy, so next time (yes, there WILL be a next time) I might make a little less of the Bisquick dough or try making a yeast dough.

This is definitely something I will make again. Now I have to get ready and go to my kick-a** water aerobics class to burn off some (pizza) calories!

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