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Earlier this Spring I planted sunflowers in my garden.  I LOVE sunflowers – I even designed a quilt with Sunflowers. (To view the quilt Click Here)The sunflowers I planted are the giant/mammoth type  that grow to over 10 feet in height.  This year, the sunflowers flourished and they grew, and they grew, and they grew!

Here is a photo of my Grandson Nathan, 8 years old, standing next to one of the smallest sunflowers!

Click on any photo for a larger view.


Nathan is 4-1/2 feet tall, so I would estimate the height of this sunflower to be about 6 feet tall.  Below are some photos of how tall the rest of the sunflowers are.



The top of the arbor measures 7 feet from the ground, so the largest sunflower is about another 5 – 6 feet above the top of the arbor!


This is a photo of the tallest sunflower. This sunflower had about 6 more buds for flower heads on the stalk. I couldn’t wait to see these buds bloom! Note: The photos above were taken about two weeks ago in late August.

The other day I went outside and I looked at my sunflowers – and they were leaning, A LOT!!

The sunflowers are SO big and SO heavy that they are pushing the arbor over! It didn’t help that we had torrential rain last week, which loosened the soil, and then had some breezy days. The heads of the sunflowers were acting like sails!

The next day I went to the hardware store to find something that I could prop up the arbor or help secure the sunflowers. I got some rope – I was going to tie the arbor to some cinder blocks, and then put some stakes around some of the flower stalks.

Then, as I working on doing this, I heard some funny cracking noises and BAM!! The WHOLE arbor fell over!


What a disaster! At least I wasn’t standing under the arbor! Most of the stalks of the sunflowers were broken in two or cracked so badly they couldn’t be saved. I had to cut nearly all the sunflowers down to the ground and put them in the compost pile!

Here is what I had left.



This lone sunflower is the ONLY one I have left. In fact, the root ball of this sunflower was completely out of the ground when the sunflower was laying on its side. I put it back in the ground, put some more dirt around it, added some fertilizer and hay for mulch and watered it a lot.


Here is a photo of the bottom of the lone sunflower and the arbor which is laying on its side.

I have the sunflower taken care of, now what about the arbor? I could lift the arbor, but I am not strong enough to lift it and position it in the garden. Yesterday evening my daughter-in-law, Reesia, came over for something else, and I enlisted her help to get the arbor upright and next to the sunflower.


I would estimate that the sunflower is about 4 feet above the top of the arbor.

Now I have to wait a few days to see if this sunflower will re-root and keep on growing. I miss my other sunflowers and this part of the garden looks naked.

I’ll keep you posted if this sunflower makes it through the next few days!




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